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Fast Cutting Compound Body Shop Finish Removes 1200 Grit Scratches Create the Ultimate Finish

Fast Cutting Compound Body Shop Finish Removes 1200 Grit Scratches Create the Ultimate Finish

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POLISH II BODY SHOP SAFE COMPOUND Quickly removes 1200 grit sanding scratches

Formulated and Manufactured in the USA.  


A cutting compound that harnesses the power of heat-induced abrasives. This high-performance formula swiftly eliminates mild to severe scratches, defects, oxidation, and corrosion, leaving behind a brilliant high gloss shine. As it works its magic, the compound gradually breaks down and transitions into a polishing agent, delivering an exceptional final finish that dazzles with an impressive and lasting high gloss shine.


Method of use:     

1. Apply 4-5 drops to desired pad

2. Set machine 1000-1500 RPMs to spread product

3. Always work in 2’ x 2’ sections at a time

4. Using just the weight of the machine (no pressure) work the area in 3-4 passes until polish becomes clear

5. For final pass, adjust speed setting to between 1200-1800 RPMs. Work until optical clarity has been achieved

6. Remove residue with a clean microfiber towel.


SKU: SMP302-32 - 32 US oz / 946ml     

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  • Aviation-Grade

    Designed to meet high standards just like any cutting compound created for aviation industry

  • High Concentration of Abrasives

    Allows for the effective removal of heavy oxidation & scratches from surface

  • Refined Formula

    Aids in the polishing process and reduce the risk of further damage to the paint

Fast-Cutting Compound

Polish II is able to level out any irregularities in the paint, revealing a smooth, flawless finish underneath

Severe Paint Defect Removal

Effectively eliminates imperfections such as scratches, swirl marks, and oxidation by safely removing a thin layer of clear coat.

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