Ceramic Tire & Rubber Coating Long Lasting Sio2 Ceramic Protectant with UV Protection New Tire Look

Ceramic Tire & Rubber Coating Long Lasting Sio2 Ceramic Protectant with UV Protection New Tire Look

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Ceramic Tire & Rubber Wet Look Coating  High Gloss Restore long lasting Protectant. 

Formulated and Manufactured in the USA.  

Our advanced formula features silicon dioxide (Si02) and polymers create a long-lasting, high-gloss shine that brings out the deep, black color in your tires. The coating also provides incredible protection and fights against dry rotting caused by hot, dry temperatures and direct sunlight. Give your tires a matte sheen for a sleek and sophisticated look with Ceramic Tire Shine High Gloss.

Method of Use
  • Clean the surface with a high-performance tire cleaner
  • Shake, then spray or wipe the dressing even around the entire side of the tire
  • Then work and rub into the rubber surface
  • Allow to penetrate for 3-5 minutes
  • Buff off any excess residue with a microfiber towel
  • For extra shine, apply a second coat

SKU: SMP207-16 - 16 US oz / 473ml     

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  • Deep Penetration

    Formula effectively moisturizes rubber that is old and dried out

  • Potent formulation

    Our advanced formula, silicon dioxide (Si02) and polymers, creates a deep, black color of your tires

  • Brand New Look

    Dries to the touch upon application and leaves no greasy or sticky residue on any surfaces


Formula deeply penetrates to nourish and protect, providing a long-lasting like-new appearance that endures for weeks.

Increase Tire Life Span

Your tires will not only shine but also remain free from sticking mud, grime, and other road debris, ensuring optimal performance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
thomas brohging
Non Greasy

I like that it is non-greasy. highly recommend wearing gloves. ceramic dries off on hands.

Lasts for days

It doesn't splatter when it becomes hot. Non-greasy.

Great on wheels

My tires look great days after. Not just the day it was washed.

Glossy finish

I love how my tires look after using the product.