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BUG & TAR Remover for Cars, RV and Trucks Professional Detailing Product

BUG & TAR Remover for Cars, RV and Trucks Professional Detailing Product

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Formulated and Manufactured in the USA.  

Our exceptional Bug and Tar Remover swiftly removes stubborn tar splatters and bug residues, effectively eliminating the blackening on your vehicle's lower panels and undercarriage. It stands as a non-flammable, heavy-duty cleaning solution meticulously crafted to ensure the safe removal of bugs and tar from all types of vehicles. Our Tar and Bug Remover guarantees the utmost safety on a variety of surfaces, including painted surfaces, plastic bumpers, and glass. From front bumpers to mirror caps, windows to chrome grilles, and any other exterior finished surfaces, you can confidently apply our product for thorough cleaning without compromising the integrity of your vehicle's surfaces.


Method of use:
  • Prepare your vehicle. You can either wash and dry the vehicle before applying the Bug & Tar Remover, or you can apply the product first and wash the vehicle afterward. Choose the method that works best for you.
  • Grab your Bug and Tar Remover and spray it directly onto the surface. Be sure to cover the affected area thoroughly.
  • Take a soft brush, wash mitt or a sponge and gently rub the product onto the affected surface, applying light pressure.
  • Wiped the surface with a microfiber towel or rinse the surface to remove any excess product or, if you haven't done so already, give your vehicle a thorough wash.

SKU: SMPSMP213-1 - 1 Gallon    

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  • Easy Removal

    Reduces the amount of scrubbing needed to remove bugs and grime

  • Potent formulation

    Leave surfaces spotless and free from any remnants of grease, tar, dried bugs, road film, insects, and asphalt

  • Maximum Return

    Concentrated formula that ensures maximum effectiveness while maintaining the utmost safety for your vehicle's clear coat

Versatile and Reliable

Ensures optimal performance without compromising the integrity of various components, including bumpers, windshields, headlights, plastics, chrome, grilles, painted surfaces, and much more.


Can be utilized either during the wash process or on a dry vehicle, offering you flexible application options to suit your specific detailing needs.

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